Encouraging the Use of Help Desk Ticketing Software

Not all businesses can switch solely to help desk ticketing software for customer relations. Not all businesses should. Yet there are some businesses that can make it their primary form of customer communication and a handful of businesses that can make it their sole form of communication. Encouraging your customers to make the switch as well can be a little more of a challenge, especially if some of your customers have been with you for the life of your business.

You already know the using help desk ticketing software simplifies your business. It allows you to follow all communications, allows for communication around the clock without paying extra staff, and it makes it easy to analyze your entire system. But what’s in it for your customers? Why would they want to stop talking to a live person and move their communication with your company over to the internet?

Many of your customers will see immediately how submitting tickets benefits their needs. They will see timely responses and easy, trackable information. They will also be able to access their old tickets, review current tickets, and maintain a higher level of communication because it’s all right there in black and white for them to review. A conversation can be forgotten or misinterpreted. When a trouble ticket is right in front of your customers it is easier for them to understand exactly what is being said and review it if they are confused.

Trouble ticketing software also allows for an in depth self help section. You already know that if some of your customers would just read the self help section they wouldn’t have had to go any further. Fortunately, most of the customers are familiar with the value of a knowledge base and will utilize it as often as necessary.

Encouraging your customers to make the switch starts with letting those who call in know exactly how great the customer service help desk really is. Don’t have your call center team ask people if they know they can submit a ticket online. Your customers know that and are already choosing not to. Instead have them briefly explain all of the cool features that will help the customer to be helped faster and with more insightful information just by using the online service. Let your customers hear how exciting the technology is and how the applications are really making everyone’s life so much easier. Your customers need a reason to go to the website. Telling them they can just isn’t a reason.

Finally, make sure that all of your customers are aware of its presence and push the convenience of it the same way you would push a promotional offer. Make sure that they are told at the end of every order, regardless of whether they order online, over the phone, or in person, that if they have any questions or need to reach someone there is a great service to help them. The use of the help desk ticketing software should be promoted as a service rather than a favor to you.

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